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On their debut EP, "Something U Said," Pretty Output showcases a dynamic range of styles across three tracks and one interlude. The EP takes its name from the lead single, "Something U Said," which served as the inspiration for the entire project. The creative process began in early 2022, and the foundation was laid over the following year. Although several tracks were initially considered for inclusion, the final decision was to focus on a select few that best represented the evolution of their sound as artists.


Lionel and Edvin, the guys behind Pretty Output, reminisce about their journey into the music industry, expressing their excitement about being signed by the legendary Size Records. The duo, who have revered Size Records since childhood, submitted their music via Trackstack in the spring and received great feedback. A few days later, they had the opportunity to meet with the team at Size, establishing a strong connection from the start.


The motivation behind creating this EP was rooted in the desire to demonstrate versatility and the exploration of various musical styles. 

Lionel and Edvin, acknowledging that they hadn't yet solidified their signature sound, aimed to use the EP as a canvas to experiment and refine their musical identity. As the project progressed, the artists found themselves converging towards a more distinctive sound that formed the essence of this EP.


"Do You Hear Me?" as their career debut was the perfect way to kick-off their newly born project. This song ended up on a collaborative EP between Size and Tomorrowland Music, released on August 25, 2023.


"Something U Said" featuring Australian singer Fractures, an ambient-heavy and lush house track got released on November 17, 2023. The song received immediate acclaim, garnering support from blogs, radio shows and music enthusiasts alike.


"Skogen" (The Forest in Swedish), released on December 1, 2023 was presented as an additional single to the EP , featuring AN21 as co-producer of the song.

Skogen originated in late 2022 as a simple demo while preparing for a DJ set later that night.

The collaboration with AN21 emerged from a genuine connection, with both parties sharing ideas on how to elevate the track. 


Having completed the EP in its current form in October 2023, Pretty Output continues to create new works. The artists are currently compiling these pieces and aim to unveil their evolving musical journey in new projects during 2024.

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